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  • Welcome to Our World

    Introduced to [[The Realm of Brass and Shadow | The Realm of Brass and Shadow]], three survivors of the fall of [[Dejole]] are led to [[Haven]] and meet [[:verdash | Verdash]] who puts up with them and answers their questions. Later they decide to leave …

  • The Pied Piper

    Guided by [[:aevari | Aevari]], the survivors of Dejole, [[:carter-omiorson | Carter Omiorson]], [[:tycin-zhalios | Tycin Zhalios]], and [[:conweir | Conweir]] travel north through the highlands of the [[Henyar]] region. Though the wildlife proved hostile …

  • What Lies Beneath

    After having completed no small amount of research, it was determined that further work was something that the heroes were interested in. Though the tyranny of [[:huang | Huang]] the Breaker were determined to be of interest, they decided that more …

  • Aesinar

    Husband of [[:tulanya | Tulanya]] and uncle of [[:aevari | Aevari]]. He owns a gunsmith shop in [[Henyar]] that also happens to contain a gateway to [[The Realm of Brass and Shadow | The Realm of Brass and Shadow]] near [[Haven | Haven]].

  • Neshandi

    A Catfolk priestess who is said to have fallen to the path of Blood. She preaches from an ancient Ash'unar temple in the jungle.

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