Prominent Nations

Dejole – The Jewel of the West

Valtar – Bearer of a proud martial tradition

Alverst – Longtime allies of Dejole

The Scarlet Coast – Pirates and cutthroats

Yeshan – A land of tradition and submission

Helcatta – Once the shining splendor of the sea, now broken

Vendahli – Sweltering heat and oppressive jungle

The Pale – Lawless lands where the cruel and strong rule.

Diadren Empire – A fallen empire, broken into squabbling states.

Jigoku – Though the undead now rule, it remains a land of traditions.

Sheve Tul – Ancient beyond reckoning, a husk of its former glory.

Tul – The mythical paradise.

Hyr Lotha – A civilization that is its fleet.

Drusia – The land of silk and spice.


The Eight – It is said the Eight once walked the world, though none in living memory can truthfully claim to have known one

The Way of Blood – Both dangerous and somewhat new, the Way of Blood has spread like a plague through civilized lands

Numeracy – Considered by many to be a harmless cult of scholars who believe that the divine is hidden within mathematical formulas


The Realm of Brass and Shadow Maliche