The Realm of Brass and Shadow

The Pied Piper

In which a rising power dripping with blood is broken.

Guided by Aevari, the survivors of Dejole, Carter Omiorson, Tycin Zhalios, and Content Not Found: conweir travel north through the highlands of the Henyar region. Though the wildlife proved hostile on occasion, their journey was not slowed, and after nearly a week of travel, they made it to Neshandi‘s Ash’unar temple.

Scouting revealed that the followers of The Way of Blood held the advantage, so a quick and decisive attack was called for. Though Neshandi’s eidolon managed to delay them until forces could be roused, the three planetouched managed to win the day regardless. Though Neshandi herself escaped, her followers were all but wiped out.



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