The Realm of Brass and Shadow

Heroes and Saviors

In which children are returned to their parents and strangers are called heroes.

Though Neshandi, a priestess of The Way of Blood escaped the fate of her followers and lover, most of the children that she had spirited away were rescued without harm. Two older girls were the exception, as well as one boy who disappeared on the journey to the Ash’unar temple.

Claiming victory, the foreigners gathered the children and left the temple behind, soon coming across a fishing village and using their boats to travel south. Along the journey towards Henyar, an altercation with hawk-riding bandits ended in the foreigners’ victory, though the woman that was apparently kidnapped was taken away.

Upon their return to Henyar, the three foreigners (and their elven guide) were hailed by the local catfolk population as heroes, and were well rewarded. Most of their reward was quickly converted to a warehouse residence and gunsmithy.



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