The Realm of Brass and Shadow

What Lies Beneath
In which our heroes walk through history and rub elbows with the wealthy.

After having completed no small amount of research, it was determined that further work was something that the heroes were interested in. Though the tyranny of Huang the Breaker were determined to be of interest, they decided that more investigation was needed before committing to the task.

Instead, they explored the basement of Daja the Date Merchant in his newly purchased home. A journey that took them through the history of Henyar and through several dangerous climbs and jumps. Eventually they found a stone golem guarding the body of its centuries-dead master, and though the fight was difficult, they bested the ancient construct and returned with information and treasure.

Heroes and Saviors
In which children are returned to their parents and strangers are called heroes.

Though Neshandi, a priestess of The Way of Blood escaped the fate of her followers and lover, most of the children that she had spirited away were rescued without harm. Two older girls were the exception, as well as one boy who disappeared on the journey to the Ash’unar temple.

Claiming victory, the foreigners gathered the children and left the temple behind, soon coming across a fishing village and using their boats to travel south. Along the journey towards Henyar, an altercation with hawk-riding bandits ended in the foreigners’ victory, though the woman that was apparently kidnapped was taken away.

Upon their return to Henyar, the three foreigners (and their elven guide) were hailed by the local catfolk population as heroes, and were well rewarded. Most of their reward was quickly converted to a warehouse residence and gunsmithy.

The Pied Piper
In which a rising power dripping with blood is broken.

Guided by Aevari, the survivors of Dejole, Carter Omiorson, Tycin Zhalios, and Content Not Found: conweir travel north through the highlands of the Henyar region. Though the wildlife proved hostile on occasion, their journey was not slowed, and after nearly a week of travel, they made it to Neshandi‘s Ash’unar temple.

Scouting revealed that the followers of The Way of Blood held the advantage, so a quick and decisive attack was called for. Though Neshandi’s eidolon managed to delay them until forces could be roused, the three planetouched managed to win the day regardless. Though Neshandi herself escaped, her followers were all but wiped out.

Welcome to Our World
In which the nature of the Realm of Brass and Shadow is discovered.

Introduced to The Realm of Brass and Shadow, three survivors of the fall of Dejole are led to Haven and meet Verdash who puts up with them and answers their questions. Later they decide to leave to return to Sekai, and to do so they return by way of Henyar.

The Jewel has Fallen
In which a defense of Dejole is mounted, and its defenders chased to a dark place.

Dejole, the Jewel of the West, shining beacon of wealth and knowledge, found itself under siege by the Chimera Alliance. When the unthinkable happened and the walls were breached by Alverst’s great bombard, its defenders fled. With the soldiers tasked with protecting the city now becoming its first looters, Dejole’s fate was sealed.


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